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KoHamsa for Education

Get organized like never before and empower educators to unleash the possibilities of your institution with KoHamsa’s specialized ERP solution.

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Why use ERP for Educational Institutions?

Educational institutions often deal with high volumes of data in their day-to-day operations. Many organizations still employ manual techniques to handle these operations which are inefficient; they absorb more time and energy and are prone to human mistakes and data duplication.

Data integration is an arduous process in these institutions which results in time-consuming management tasks. Educational ERP systems help institutions to remove these obstacles with their structured data management process.

KoHamsa is an advanced product that utilizes these ERP systems in a way that allows you to seamlessly manage your institution. With its intricate data management solution that provides real-time data 24/7, KoHamsa equips you with the ability to gain control over your institution’s data.

Digitally Transform your Institute with these Specialized Features

Admission Management

KoHamsa’s admissions management module is designed to manage the complete admission process, from initial applications to enrollment at your institute. With its user-friendly interface, KoHamsa saves time by simplifying complex admission tasks and allows you to oversee this complex process with ease.


Student Service

KoHamsa’s student service module is custom tailored to the students at your institute and their needs. The student service module gives students access to a wide variety of specialized support services: absence requests, academic advising, fee and billing status, and plenty of other services required to make the school year easier. KoHamsa’s student service module will ensure that they have best possible experience at your institute.


Attendance Management

KoHamsa’s attendance management module oversees the basic attendance operations needed to efficiently run an institute. The module tracks a students attendance and generates attendance record reports for teachers, administrators, and parents. KoHamsa also supports all third-party systems designed to trace attendance and collect data. With this module, there’s no need to keep constant tabs on attendance as KoHamsa can handle that burden for you.

Fee Management

KoHamsa’s fee management module aids in the important process of fee collections. This module manages the entire billing process from the fee’s creation and collection to report generations for financial analyses. KoHamsa’s fee management module is the smooth solution to the complexity of fee and billing processes.


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